Fimdeer - Fim was advised by the elders of her clan to travel to Port City and learn more about the world and how it works. She is extremely talented and the elders don’t want to see that talent smothered by the confines of Fey Port. She boarded a ship and made her way across the waters to the Isle of Thalos. When she arrived in Port City she was immediately directed to the Elven District which lay just outside the city walls on the East side. She was able to find lodging in the Green Field Inn, and was informed of the festival taking place and where the Mage’s Guild was if she was looking to make a couple coins. She investigated the Guild and was told to return in the morning of the 17th to join the other newbies in their first Portal trip. She returned to the Elven district after taking in the sites of the city and awaited the morning.

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