Commander Class - Crusader

Arpeggio Ferri is a woman of discipline and maintains an air of professionalism that is reflected through her fairly kempt appearance and respectful bearing, a trait that is often mistaken for arrogance. She never goes back on her word, and as is very cautious at giving it if she can help it. She lives each day in a series of measurements; from tasks such as getting adequate sustenance and rest, to making complex decisions in her line of work. Despite her by-the-book attitude, she always reminds herself to break form once in a while, an addition of sweet pastries to her meal, a few minutes taking in a sunset during a patrol, or even stopping to watch a performance in the town square.

A casual observer can easily single her out in any busy street. Her flame colored locks that she usually ties in a bun is as striking as the shine of her armor and the loud reddish hue of her doublet.

Most prominent to her guise, however, is the battle standard that never fails to leave her reach. It said that the standard is constructed from the remains of an airship, giving the wielder a semblance of safety when falling from certain heights. Usually rolled up and secured with cord, the flag itself bears elegant flourishes that accentuate the sigil of the Sky Answer Mercenary company, and serves as the manifestation of their pride as being more than just simple sellswords.


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