Brass Dragonborn, Life Cleric
Alsafhat is a Dragonborn life Cleric. He was born in an extremely secluded dragonborn clan located in the northern part of the Frozen Cap. He is extremely dedicated to his clan and became a life cleric to serve his people. After The Shift, the Clan recognized that the events outside their borders were too important to ignore, and they could not live in complete seclusion any longer. Instead, one member would be chosen to act as an emissary to the outside world. They would travel the world, reporting major events back to the clan Elders and executing the Will of the Clan in the outside world. It's an extremely honorable position, but the chosen live out their days outside their true home. To one whose greatest love is their home, being chosen is akin to exile. On the eve of his Ritual of Manhood, news came that the previous Chosen had passed in the night, and Alsafhat was elected as his successor.

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