Danderbin is a short pale-skinned Halfling man. He is completely bald, and wears dark grey common clothes. A number of odds-and-ends hang and protrude from his backpack, and he carries a small walking stick with a sling attached to the top.

Way of the Mischievous Heart Monk

Danderbin and his wife Astrey lived in Niska for the majority of their lives. Danderbin working as a merchant, and Astrey worked as a guide around the Shadowed Cleft. Astrey was always the adventurous one, guiding people around and loving her job, whilst Danderbin was far more sheltered and focussed on his work.

As both of them reached a little over their 200th year alive, Astrey came down with a sickness and was bed ridden for two years. In the meantime, Danderbin worked night and day trying to make enough money to buy her the medicine required to heal her. Unfortunately, the price was too high for the medicine, and Astrey passed away before she could be healed. Some of the last advice she gave to Danderbin was to stop taking life so seriously, and to truly live life. He regrets spending too much time engrossed in his work, and not spending time in the final moments with her.

Now his goal is to not take life so seriously, and to do as his late wife advised. He is selling all his possessions currently, to catch a boat going anywhere out of the Shadowed Cleft to see the world that he has ignored for so long.


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