Danderbin - Making friends with the crew of the ship helped to make the trip fly by. Before he knew it he was in Port City and was ready to see what he could see. He located the Merchants Guild and was able to get lodging set up for him and his Steeder. He investigated the festival during the night of the 17th and met with Barnaby and Klien. After talking with them for a while they made a deal to hire him as a guide for the small sum of 1 gp per week. They parted ways and Danderbin was able to cut a deal with the same Satyr that Barnaby gave his name to. Danderbin was transported to the Feywilde and made a deal with the Fairie Courts to serve them and gained a Warlock Pact. This newfound ability did come with a price. He was permanently charmed by the Satyr, gave up a lock of his hair, and lost his skill with Glassblower’s tools. Hopefully, this deal will be worth it. After that, he made his way back to the Merchants Guild after retrieving his Steeder and slept peacefully. Upon waking he made his way to the Mage’s Guild to meet up with his new friends.

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