The Little Star (don't call him that)


Player: Micah Holms

Content: Locus Race and the Cosmic Sorcerer Bloodline



“The vast expanse of space is a realm of magic and mystery. The forces of creation wage war against the unyielding tide of entropy, and amidst this battle of chaos and order, miracles can happen. Sometimes, these miracles manif-“

Whoa, hold it, lets go ahead and put the kibosh on that line and whatever else you were gonna say in that Keith David-sounding voice. As epic as it sounds, let me take over. Why? Because this story is about me, and I want to make sure it gets told properly. You might want to sit down for this one. You’re about to hear a firsthand reckoning of the birth of a Locus. Bask in the awe… okay that’s enough basking. Listen up, this is gonna be good....


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The intro and ending music was created by Adrián Enríque Sanabria-Díaz

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