‘Duty’ is not a word often heard amongst those who dwell in the forests of Tangle, although it’s grip on society is felt deep to its core. Instead, they prefer to label their efforts as a matter of ‘responsibility’. We as Elves are responsible for the health of this realm and the next, running our fingers across the fabric of reality to mend whatever tears we find. Each child is taught this simple fact, and to each, their child is taught the same.

‘Caretaker’ is a word often used as well, although it too has lost much of it’s meaning. The Elves have become unquestioned masters of the thread, weaving through its patterns with effortless grace. One can now step through in one place an appear in another, a feat previously thought unattainable without first dipping into the arcane powers. The elders spoke of blessings from the Great Tree of Knowledge that allowed us to ascend to our proper roles in this age, and I am not one to question their wisdom. No longer caretakers, but masters.

My clan often spoke of their wishes for me to join the conclaves – to eventually ascend to elderhood. It is the wish of any caring family that their children fulfill their utmost potential. Despite this, I never saw it being so simple. My feet could never be rooted like the trees we protect, nor could my eyes remain shut to the world outside the groves of worship. I was born to move, to climb, to breathe. I was born to step beyond the veil of the known and peer into the unknown of this plane. There was still so much out there yet to be seen, heard, and discovered.

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