Due to my obsession with D&D, in general, I stared too long into that abyss and found myself pulled into the world of Arcadia. At first I was shocked but I’ve seen enough anime to know this kind of thing happens sometimes. Armed with my meta-knowledge of how the world works and operates I set out to find a way back not only to where I left from but also to WHEN I left from. Now if only I could find Dr. Stu… I am a human, big shocker there. Since I was not born with D&D powers I am forced to learn as I go. The class I will be emulating is the Adventurer class. I’m going with this one out of meta-knowledge that it allows for almost ANY class feature to be incorporated into it with DM discretion. I will aim to make a character that I would consider to be the most “me” if I was in this situation. So begin my very unlikely, but not impossible according to anime, story!


The class I used was The Adventurer

The background I used was From Another World

Thank you, Braydon for DMing this intro!

The in-game music for these episodes can be found on

The intro and ending music was created by Adrián Enríque Sanabria-Díaz

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