Barnaby & Klienenstern - As they are both members of the Mages Guild they met and a friendship was forged. They each had their respective jobs that they do to make coin but they also enjoy each others company. During one such encounter, they went to enjoy the festivities of the Seed Sowing Festive on the 16th of Planting and had quite the adventure. Barnaby met a Satyr who sold him Boots of Elvenkind for the small price of one of his true names…. Klienenstern met with one Hell of a merchant who for 2 inconsequential favors sold him a Figurine of Wondrous Power. This Figurine took the form of what he desired most, an…. Armored Penguin….. They also met up with a Time Traveler who really confused Barnaby but with the help of Klien and his expert explanations, a disastrous brain explosion was averted. After completing these two favors that were not technically illegal, they returned to the Mage’s Guild to prepare for their first group adventure on the 17th.


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The intro and ending music was created by Adrián Enríque Sanabria-Díaz

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